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Welcome to the website (the website's team, owners and employees, all jointly and severally, in this document hereinafter: "the site").
The site is a website that provides various services and runs a virtual shop for the public of surfers on the World Wide Web.

a.)The meaning of the term 'activity' in these regulations is – any purchase of goods and/or services offered on the site.

b.)Activity through the site is subject to the conditions specified in these regulations. Any person performing an activity on this site hereby declares that he/she has read and understood the site's regulations and will therefore neither he/she or any operating on his/her behalf shall have any claim or demand towards the site's owners and/or operators and /or any person acting on their behalf, except for claims regarding violations of commitments made by the owners and/or operators of the site according to these regulations and terms of participation.

c.)Should one request to join the site's customer club or any other services offered on the site, one will be obliged to consent to the specific terms of that service.

d.)All said in these regulations refers equally to members of both genders.

e.)In order to perform activities on the site, users may use any legal and international form of payment in their possession (e.g.: credit card/PayPal account), which as valid on the day on which the activity is performed (hereinafter: 'form of payment'), which is clearable by one of the credit cards companies operating in Israel by law (hereinafter: 'the clearing company').

f.)The site's management reserves the right to alter these regulations at its own discretion.

g.)Delivery of goods and/or services shall be performed according to the provisions further detailed in this document.

Delivery of goods

a.) offers a variety of goods and services for sale (hereinafter: 'the goods').

b.)In order for us to be able to fulfill one's bids for the purchase of a product (hereinafter: 'the order'), it is essential that the ordered products be held in stock by the manufacturer or importer. Although we make every effort to ensure that the products displayed on the site are in stock, it may occur that displayed products may occasionally not be in stock. Should a product be missing in stock, one shall be appropriately notified via e-mail. In such cases, retains the right to present one with an offer, should such exist, to purchase an alternative product of the same price and character. Should one accept our offer, the details of the orders shall be updated. Should one refuse, the order will be deleted and one shall not be charged.

Placing an order

a.)Once has completed the examination of the form of payment and received approval of the clearing company for the purchase, the bid shall be considered viable and all the procedures for the delivery of the ordered goods shall commence, provided that these are held in stock by either, the product's manufacturers or distributer.

b.)In order to enable us to delivery the ordered goods, the order should be accepted and recorded in our system in a correct and organized manner, and contain all necessary details required for the dispatch of the goods and charging the customer. Reception and processing of an order by may encounter faults and disruptions for various reasons.

c.)Should any disruptions occur, or should an error be found in the description, photo, price or any other specification of goods, shall be entitled to cancel once purchase and one shall not have to bear any charges for the cancelled order.

d.)Should one provide false details of identification when placing an order, we shall not be able to guarantee the delivery. Should goods be returned to us due to such false details, one shall be charged for delivery and administration fees. One should make sure that the details provided are accurate and up-to-date. Presenting false personal details is prohibited by law and constitutes a criminal offence.

Form of payment

a.)Payment is possible through any valid 'form of payment' which is clearable by any one of the 'clearing companies' operating in Israel. Credit card number and other details should be entered at the appropriate fields.

b.)Dispatch of goods will only be made once an approval from the clearing company has been received that the transaction is in order.

Delivery periods

a.)We are obligated to delivery periods of up to 14 days (hereinafter:'delivery periods'). Calculation of the delivery periods shall be based on business days, hence Sundays-Thursdays, excluding Fridays, holiday eves, Saturdays and public holidays. Nevertheless, aims as much as it can to shorten delivery periods.

b.)The site is entitled to announce the cancellation of a purchase on behalf of, in part or in whole, and cancel the customer's debit, should one of the following occur : events and/or factors of any sort beyond the control of site's owners and/or operators that should prevent or delay selling of a product and/or services, either partially or fully and in any way, and/or the delivery of goods and/or services published on the site within the stated periods of time; should failures of the computing and/or telecommunication systems and/or any other means of communication hinder the completion of the purchasing process in any form; should the process of purchase and/or delivery of goods and/or services shall be hindered in any way by acts of hostility and/or force majeure; should any changes in taxes and/or levies on the sold goods take place between a product's date of advertising and planned date of delivery according to the terms of purchase of goods and/or services.

c.)The goods shall be delivered through Israel Post and/or international distribution firms and/or courier services relevant at the time of delivery for the benefit of the customer anywhere in the world.

Prices and Payments

a.)Debit will be made through the 'form of payment', indicated by the customer, at the price shown beside the ordered goods, incremented by delivery and administration fees, as specified beside the offered goods and/or services and/or the relevant page.

b.) is entitled to occasionally change the price of goods and/or services and the related delivery and administration fees. The valid price of an order shall be that which is displayed on the site at the time of the completion of the order.

c.)All prices on the site include VAT (if applicable), unless specifically stated otherwise.

Cancellation of Transaction

a.)Purchase of goods (but not of services) may be cancelled within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of delivery, provided these are packed in the original packing. For these goods the customer shall be refunded, with the deduction of delivery fees and either 5% or $25 (the lowest of the two), as stated in the Law for Consumer's Protection. Should the goods be examined by any element or person on behalf of and found not to be new, in their new and original packing, including all contents of the product and package – refund will be relative to the value of the returned goods, with the deduction of any expenses or commitments made due to shipment, package or any other expenses or commitments that would have to undertake as a consequence of the cancelled transaction, including commissions to the clearing company.

b.)Should the delivered goods be faulty or not in good order upon receipt of the delivery, the customer shall not be charged for delivery, packing, return or administration fees.


a.) ,and/or any anyone acting on its behalf, do not produce the goods and do not carry any responsibility regarding their quality, characteristics, names of manufacturers and/or any presentation made on the site regarding the afore mentioned details. Colour differences may occur between the photos of the goods presented on the site and the precise colour of the supplied products. The goods on the site are displayed bona fide, and their presentation does not constitute any recommendation nor does it express the opinion of regarding the nature, characteristics and quality of the products or the names of their manufacturers. In case one has purchased a defective product, one has the full right to either replace them or return them and be refunded, as has been specified earlier in these regulations.

b.)The sole responsibility for the goods, their supply, quality, steadfastness and contents of the goods, including operation manuals, lies with the manufacturers, importers and distributers of the products and is according to the guarantee certificate attached to them. The manufacturers, importers and distributers have undertaken all the obligations which lie with a 'registered business', as defined under the Law for Consumer Protection and the regulations derived thereof.

c.) Under no circumstances shall or anyone operating on its behalf carry any responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental, extraordinary or resulting damage or any other damage of any sort, including penal damages, and, with the afore mentioned notwithstanding, any penal damages resulting from loss of usability, loss of data or profit, which are a result of or connected with the use or performance of the site, delay of use of the site or inability of use thereof, supply or non-supply of goods, services or any information, software, service and supplemental graphics obtained through use of the site, and/or resulting from use of the site in any other way, whether based upon an agreement, through penal damages or any other cause, even should the feasibility of such penal damages be brought to the attention of or anyone operating on its behalf . Should one find any part of the site or one of the conditions specified under these regulations unsatisfactory, one should address us in writing and this petition will be carefully examined.

d.), or anyone operating on its behalf, shall not carry any responsibility for unauthorized use, misuse, unlawful use and/or deceptive use made by a third party of the 'form of payment' which has been used for activities on the site.

e.)Service on site is provided 'as is' and one shall have no claim or demand towards or anyone acting on its behalf regarding the quality, abilities, limitations or suitability to one's needs and demands.

Privacy, Information Security & Further Conditions

a) team wants to express & emphasize our policy & the way we act that see the important of keeping the customer privacy & Information Security as one of our targets.

b) team act by the international standards of keeping the customer privacy & Information Security.

c) Every delivery of customer credit card details is coded & transferring by the international standards.

d) All personal details provided and those which will be provided at the ordering stage, except for details of the form of payment, shall be stored in the database of . shall not transmit one's personal details to any element, except suppliers, and this only in order to complete the purchase made through the site. Although it is not legally mandatory to provide personal details, order administration cannot be performed without them.

e) In any case in which, due to 'force majeure', will be prevented from running the site in good order, supply the goods or stand up to any of its other obligations, shall be entitled to cancel the connection with part or all of the buyers.
In this paragraph, the meaning of 'force majeure' is extended to include computer failures, telephone system or any other communication system failure, sabotage and security incidents.

f) reserves the right to close down the site or to cancel a sale at its own discretion should it become clear that illegal activity has taken place or is taking place at the site, or should any damage be caused as a result of a technical malfunction on the site.
Statute and Jurisdiction
The applicable law for any order and these regulations is the law of the State of Israel alone.